Floppy Fish for Cats (USB rechargeable)


The Floppy Fish Cat Toy will keep your kitty entertained for hours with its wagging and dancing moves. Easy USB rechargeable and motion activated so cats can make it start flipping on its own. After moving for a while the Flopping Fish Cat Toy stops to save battery life when cats stop playing with it so you don't need to worry about turning it off. Refillable catnip pouch pocket and 4 variants available. Don't miss out! Spoil your kitty with our Flippity Floppity Fish!


Our Moving Fish Cat Toy moves on its own

Self Moving
The FIRST Flopping Fish Cat Toy that moves on its own!
Floppy Fish Cat Toy is USB charged
Battery Powered
Easy USB recharging - NO more wasting batteries!
Floppy Fish Cat Toy has a built in space for catnip treats to attract your kitty
Refillable Catnip Pouch
Cat safe velcro pocket is easy to refill over and over again!
This Flippity Fish Cat Toy looks surprisingly similar to a real fish
Looks Exactly like a Fish!
The resemblance will surprise you!
Our Flopping fish cat toy is the perfect size for your kitty 11 inches long
Length: 30cm.
Your cats will love this soft, comfy, plush Dancing Fish Cat Toy
Made of Plush and Cotton.

Our Wagging fish cat toy is available in 4 variants.