Cat Tunnel Bed - Themed Styles

Cats hunt and pounce as natural predators. Let your furry soldier enter the cat tunnel to fulfil their hunting desires as they shroud themselves out of sight. Cats love enclosed spaces and have a habit of hiding in darker places as they wait for prey, or in your case, toys. Their night vision lets them feel right at home, if you like to tease your cat with small toys, tunnels are perfect. The tunnel material causes rustling sounds on movement, allowing your cat to react to their nearby targets. Get rid of cat boredom at home with the cat tunnel bed that’s lightweight and functional with a detachable cushion, tunnel and canopy. Our cats loves its dual function and we have even connected a couple together for maximum rest and play.

Key Features:

  • Gives your cat(s) both fun and comfort indoors
  • Canopy, cushion and tunnel are all detachable
  • Collapsible plush cat tunnel with cat pompom balls for hours of independent and interactive fun.